Family Dispute Resolution

Separation is a major step for anyone, affecting every individual differently. Married or de facto couples separating are often encouraged to try family dispute resolution (FDR).

The process of separation or a divorce is likely to induce feelings of shock, denial, anger, blame or sadness, which can impact both partners' ability to communicate and collaborate with one another. Mediation through a family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP) can help partners who are separating discuss important and immediate matters without placing stress on their fragile relationship, allowing them to move on from this stressful event with future-focused agreements. FDRPs are highly skilled and come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including law, which allows them to facilitate discussions on a diverse range of family disputes. They control the process of discussion, not the content and maintain confidentiality of the process, subject to limitations established by law.

Quick FDR Facts

> Mediation saves thousands in court fees
> FDR cases can last up to 2 years in Court
> Agreements stuck in Mediation have better outcomes

What our Clients say...  (this needs to change for eg purposes only)

Alison Shaw of SHAW Mediation successfully mediated a contract and building works dispute for one of our clients.  I found the mediation to be useful in requiring the disputing parties to be in one place at one time, allowing each side to express their position (and even vent their frustrations) whilst being kept in line by an experienced mediator. It was by no means certain to me beforehand that the matter would resolve at the mediation, but Alison’s guidance and systematic approach facilitated a commercial settlement.  I am confident the parties would not have reached a better outcome if they had gone to court.  I rate highly the mediation process used by Alison Shaw in this matter, and would recommend her to other clients considering mediation in the future.

Matthew Hawke, Cowell Clarke

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Common Family Disputes

  • Marital issues
  • Divorce or separation
  • Child custody and parenting disputes
  • Child support
  • Parental responsibility
  • Time with children
  • Conflict with family members
  • Conflict with other relatives
  • Grandparents’ rights, significant others
  • Trusts, distribution from trusts
  • Property settlement and contributions, future needs, just and equitable division of assets
  • Maintenance, spousal maintenance, child maintenance
  • De facto property settlement
  • Income
  • Tax, liabilities, assets, asset pool
  • Superannuation, defined interest funds
  • Relocation, passports, travel
  • Gifts