What is FDR?

Children are often hit hardest when a couple undergoes divorce. Parents need to determine the best way to share parenting responsibilities between them.  Married and de facto couples separating are obliged to try Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) after separation to resolve parenting concerns for their children before resorting to Court and litigation.  FDR is a process to help parents consider and agree on the future lives of their children and family and decide how the future will be for them all.  The process is managed and controlled by the independent Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) but the parents are in control of all the topics that need to be resolved and the parenting outcomes that are agreed.

Family separation is a major step for anyone and it affects every individual differently. The process of separation or a divorce is likely to induce feelings of shock, denial, anger, blame or sadness, which can impact both partners ability to communicate and collaborate with one another. The Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) can help partners who are separating discuss important and immediate matters about the children while minimising the stress on their fragile relationship.  The process ensures that behaviours and language are respectful and allows parents to make future-focused decisions for the children. The FDRPs are highly skilled communicators with legal backgrounds which allows them to manage the discussions and write down your agreements in a Parenting Plan for you.  They control the process of discussion, not the content.  They work with you to explain how you would like the future for your children to look and feel and to understand any differences that exist between you and the other parent.

Should separating parents be unable to reach an agreement about what is the best interests of their children, then SHAW FDR is able to produce the necessary Section 60I Certificate required before issuing court proceedings or litigation.

Couples that are separating also often need to tackle how to divide property and superannuation, which typically includes the family home, holiday homes, cars, boats, jewellery and shared belongings. They may also need to transfer shares in a family company as well as deal with the family trust.  Sometimes, there are multiple entities which need to be sorted out after separation. Couples may also need to discuss immediate, short term and longer term financial arrangements for both.   This is done in mediation rather than at Family Dispute Resolution.  SHAW Mediation is able to help separating couples make these property and financial decisions.  Click here from more information about the resolution of property settlement or spousal maintenance by mediation or arbitration.

FDR is just for parents about parenting the children and their support and well being.  SHAW FDR is available to help you do just that.

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‘I chose mediation because I thought that it could be a much more friendly and amicable way to resolve our issues. The expense and time delays relating to court and the effect on the children were things that I did not want. I did a lot of research online and chose SHAW Mediation, in particular FDR Mediator Alison Shaw because of her good reputation and background as a Family Law Lawyer, to me it just made sense to have a mediator that knew family law also. The set fees associated with the mediation was something I needed.

Alison is clearly and simply good at what she does. The process can be extremely overwhelming, Alison and her team walked me through from first contact, to the end of the mediation. Alison managed it beautifully and she’s definitely in the right job.  I would 110% recommend SHAW Mediation Australia, so much so, that I would like to work with one of you in the future!’

Suzi C

Family Parenting Plan and Property Settlement