When to Utilise FDR


  • After separation and you have children.
  • If you have parenting issues and child support matters to be resolved about your children.
  • Before you have lines drawn in the sand and parents are entrenched in their positions.
  • Once you realise relationships are tense and are at risk.
  • If you want the opportunity to retain control of the parenting decisions for your children.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about a judge making decisions about your children and your life.
  • After court proceedings have been issued private FDR can run parallel outside court proceedings.
  • While waiting for your hearing, your judge, your lawyer, your day in court. Maybe you won’t need it if you make the tough decisions about your children and their lives?

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‘I chose mediation because I thought that it could be a much more friendly and amicable way to resolve our issues. The expense and time delays relating to court and the effect on the children were things that I did not want. I did a lot of research online and chose SHAW Mediation, in particular FDR Mediator Alison Shaw because of her good reputation and background as a Family Law Lawyer, to me it just made sense to have a mediator that knew family law also. The set fees associated with the mediation was something I needed.

Alison is clearly and simply good at what she does. The process can be extremely overwhelming, Alison and her team walked me through from first contact, to the end of the mediation. Alison managed it beautifully and she’s definitely in the right job.  I would 110% recommend SHAW Mediation Australia, so much so, that I would like to work with one of you in the future!’

Suzi C

Family Parenting Plan and Property Settlement