Who Participates in FDR?


Family Dispute Resolution is the right solution for nearly all families – no matter how big or small or cultural background. At SHAW FDR, our clients range across cultures with personal family disputes about their children who all want a quicker, more affordable way to make arrangements for the future of their children and family in a safe environment that offers enforceable outcomes.  FDR is the preferred process for preserving relationships and minimising the damage on your children, as both will never be the same again after litigation and court proceedings.


At SHAW FDR, our FDRPs are all registered with the Attorney General’s Department and nationally accredited mediators with legal qualifications. They are professional, patient and kind but persistent when it comes to finding a way forward for resolving disputes.

To enable parents to resolve their parenting arrangements in a convenient, safe and supportive environment, an independent and professional Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner manages and controls the discussion between the parents, their conduct and behaviours and their exchange of possible outcomes. The FDRP helps both parents to identify agreements about their children and mutual concerns, and encourage the exploration and evaluation of possible solutions that can achieve outcomes in the best interests of the children.


It may be sometime since you and the other parent of your children have actually had a proper conversation.  It is awkward and difficult and takes courage.  At SHAW FDR we talk to you about you bringing a neutral support person to FDR to give you confidence and courage to speak for yourself, about your children and their needs and their futures.  Support persons can be included in the FDR with the knowledge and consent of both parents.   Sometimes they are in the same room and sometimes they are in the same building in a room close by.  SHAW FDR wants to create the best environment and opportunity for you to have safe and honest discussions and if that means having support that is okay with us.


At SHAW FDR lawyers can be present if you wish.  Their presence may give you confidence and help you to better understand how a Court will decide the living arrangements and parenting decisions and how long it could take to achieve it as well as how much litigation will cost.  Lawyers do not need to be present in FDR unless you would like them to be there.  These days though everyone is a phone call or message away.

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‘I chose mediation because I thought that it could be a much more friendly and amicable way to resolve our issues. The expense and time delays relating to court and the effect on the children were things that I did not want. I did a lot of research online and chose SHAW Mediation, in particular FDR Mediator Alison Shaw because of her good reputation and background as a Family Law Lawyer, to me it just made sense to have a mediator that knew family law also. The set fees associated with the mediation was something I needed.

Alison is clearly and simply good at what she does. The process can be extremely overwhelming, Alison and her team walked me through from first contact, to the end of the mediation. Alison managed it beautifully and she’s definitely in the right job.  I would 110% recommend SHAW Mediation Australia, so much so, that I would like to work with one of you in the future!’

Suzi C

Family Parenting Plan and Property Settlement